The 3 Most Common and Useful Training Methods For Your Dog


You may not realize it, but you can teach a dog more than you thought possible. There are also many different forms of training that a dog can be put through. You can train a dog to have good manners at home and that’s all that you require, but you can also train a dog for search and rescue. Even K-9 police dogs are extensively trained and when they graduate, they receive their own badge. To harm a police dog is the same as harming a human police officer. Through the centuries, dogs have been our dearest animal companions. From guarding kings and rescuing lost travelers, to Animal Planet and dogs with police badges, dogs are capable of learning just about anything. The three most common forms of training that you hear about the most are obedience, agility, and vocational training. Within these training areas, you will be able to choose and use the more useful points that will work for your particular dog.

Canine Obedience Training

This form of training is basically for a home and family dog. You have your basic commands such as sit, lay down, stay, and come. It’s not simply behavioral training that deals mostly with keeping your dog out of the garbage or off of the furniture. This sort of training is a bit more advanced, but shouldn’t be hard for your dog to learn. Certain breeds are high strung and have a lot of energy. All this means is that you need to get your dog to focus on you and to pay attention. Often times, a dog with this issue has to be trained for shorter intervals. It should also be noted that the old saying, “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks” is completely false when it comes to a dog.

Agility Training

The typical agility training involves training for dogs in a series of sporting events. Jumping, obstacle courses, racing, and more. It is much more advanced than normal dog training. Some parts of the obstacle course involve a dog doing something that may be more frightening to them. Some breeds are used more than others, but this type of training can be given to any dog with a high drive to compete. This training also requires hand signals as well as voice commands.

If you don’t have the time to do so, consider putting your dog in dog boarding with a person who knows what they’re doing and can train your dog well.

Vocational Training

This is one of the toughest forms of training. It requires constant repetition and long hours of training. The work that the dog will be doing will determine the degree of training involved. Herding and hunting are difficult in some ways, but if you have a herding or hunting dog, they are already predisposed to perform these activities. Specific breeds do respond better to specific vocations, but there are exceptions to the rule in breeds. Among some of the jobs that a dog would perform in this category would be police work, search and rescue, drug or bomb detection, and tracking. That’s just naming a few. The dogs that are being trained for these jobs usually start out very young. They begin with obedience training and then move to more difficult training. Police dogs, as well as search and rescue dogs, are often put into a position where they will need agility training as well.

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