Best organic food products you should know about

Many people are aware that consuming organic food is good for their health. However, there is a wide variety of organic foods to choose from. Also it all up, the labeling terms such as high fiber, organic, and low fat makes it even more confusing.

And to add to the confusion, some scientists advice that organic food has much higher health benefits than conventionally grown food and others argue that it doesn’t make a difference. With all this information around, most people get confused and thus opt to go for any type of food without giving it much thought.To make your selection process of organic foods much easier, first, you need to understand what is organic food.

This is so you can be able to differentiate it from conventionally grown food. Crops are organic if it they are grown without GMOs, synthetic pesticides, or sludge or petroleum based fertilizers. Animal products are organic if the livestock is not fed on organic feeds, does not consume growth hormones and antibiotics.Having understood what is organic food, the other question that comes to your thoughts is, what are some of the best organic food products you should know about?

There is a wide variety of organic food products available in the market and they all have impressive labels that can be confusing. But how do you choose the best organic product for you to consume despite the many labels given to these foods?

This article aims at helping you, the consumer simplify your decision making when it comes to selecting organic food that is good for you. Eggs: Most people always assume that the eggs that have the label “free range” or “cage free” are organic and are much better than the eggs that come from hens that live in battery cages. But the truth is, there isn’t much difference between the two.

The cage free hens don’t stay in a cage but they stay in a warehouse and to increase their production they are kept under artificial light. So the eggs from the cage free hens isn’t any different from the battery cage hens. Thus, the best alternative is to go for eggs from pasture raised hens.

This is because the pasture raised hens spend most of the day feeding outside. These “pastured eggs” are more expensive than the other eggs but they are more healthier. Some pasture raised egg products that you can go for include:

Backyard eggs Happy Egg Co.Vital Farms Organic eggs

Meats: Many meat products that claim to be organic have the label “cage free” just like for the egg products. Although, being “cage free” does not necessarily mean that going for that meat product is a healthier choice. This is because the cage free livestock just like the cage free chicken is mainly factory farmed and their outdoor space is limited depending on the factory farmer.

So, just like the eggs, the best organic meats to go for are the ones that are labeled “pasture raised”. The “pasture raised” livestock is fed on natural feeds and has unlimited access to the outdoors thus the produce is fully organic.

Some pasture raised meat products that you can go for include; Bison Ranch Buffalo hat is grass fed Applewood smoked bacon Applegate meat products such as bacon, chicken strips, and sausages Coleman Natural chicken and pork.

Milk and Dairy products:

When it comes to these products, it’s also safe to go for those that have the label “pastured”. This means that the cows where the dairy produce came from were not confined to indoors, have not been fed on GMOs or hormones to increase production.

Some pastured milk products include:

Organic Valley Chocolate milk

Stonyfield Farm organic milk

Stonyfield Greek Yogurt with honey

So, next time you go grocery shopping, instead of taking too much time trying to analyse each organic produce and getting confused go for the simplified selection criteria by purchasing “pastured products”.