2017 Fitness Trends

In 2017 its new year, new resolutions, new plans, new diet etc. The list could go on. Losing weight and improving health is a new year’s resolution many people commit to accomplishing but often fall short. 2017 can finally be the year to reverse that trend by trying one of these fitness trends that do not require inordinate amounts of time in the gym or unreasonable fasting.

Research and practice have refined a number of techniques approachable for the average person to improve their health and lives. Here are the latest trends that can help make 2017 the fittest year in your life:

1. Fitness Wearables or Wearable Technology

Wearable technology’s been around for two years now, but in 2015 its then that sales blew up really. Fitbit, Garmin,Microsoft Band Polar and many others are said to have flooded the market, and are in competition to match as much fitness sensors as it can be onto a tiny device made for the wrist. You can get yours today prior to the prices soar – a simple fitness watch will be enough and present you all the knowledge you should possibly need.

2. Body-building have been Making A Comeback

That is right. You read appropriate. The old designed body-building is taking a major return in 2017 supposedly. This consists of the classic favorites in push-ups, pull-ups and sit-ups. Why now, you may be asking. From the good question. But although it is constantly on the see a huge boost in popularity, the first suggestion is that you fitness men out there can give it a try.

3. Martial Arts

If 2017 is the entire year of anything, it’s the time of fighting techniques. And that applies to men and women. Fighting techniques have been featured in blockbuster movies within the last 12 months and it’s really now starting to seep through into the public consciousness. For example the Avengers, one of the best grossing movies of most right time, used fighting techniques in abundance. If you wish to strike the bottom jogging really, I would recommend krav maga (an Israeli personal defence style) or taekwondo, both which are demonstrating popular in these start of 2016 extremely.

4. Cardio In The true home

Alternative action is what on everyone’s lip area this year. Alternate movement machines are sweeping the original machines like the home treadmill in the house apart. Just how they work is simple: the suspended pedals climbing in a number of different ways or running Most of all, the alternative movement machines enable an even more natural ways of motion than the more aged style for home cardio machines.

5. Genetic Fitness Training – The most recent but intriguing trend gaining steam in 2017 is genetic fitness training. Modern genomics is cracking open the secrets of fitness in our DNA. Research has found that a number of specific gene markers play roles in everyone’s individual fitness abilities. Some people can more naturally build muscle mass with ease while others are able to optimize their cardiovascular strength better than the average person.

Companies are finally figuring out how to crack this genetic fitness code and make the information useful for those looking for new ways to approach their health. Imagine being able to supply a personal DNA sample, through a cheek swab, to a company and a week later find out exactly which gene markers you carry and how those influence the exercises that you do?

In short order, one can find out exactly what their body is best built to do and begin tackling those activities knowing that it is what they are literally designed to do best. Both time and exertion are reduced while optimizing one’s health for the better. That is the promise behind genetic fitness training, and it has already arrived to begin delivering.

6. Functional Training – Functional training can be viewed as an extension of the bodyweight training philosophy. Instead of focusing on one’s sole ability to simply look good and feel healthy, functional training’s goal is to make one’s life easier in terms of everyday tasks and living. The primary focus here is improving overall equilibrium between muscles and joints.

Rather than worry about packing on muscle mass, functional training exercises instead work on improving proper posture, fixing poor posture habits, and improving overall balance and flexibility. This specific trend first gained steam among older fitness enthusiasts but have practical application across all age groups.