Places You Should Avoid When Traveling In 2017

Traveling around the world is an amazing and fantastic experience. This activity will expand your knowledge of the world and the way you think about reality. However, some countries are dangerous and you should avoid them at all cost. We will let you know right how which countries you should avoid.


This country can be found in the famous Horn of Africa. You will have to endure a hot climate here almost all year long. This is not quite good for you if you think about the consequences of too many exposures to the sunlight.


Guyana can be found in South America but it is also included in the famous Caribbean Region. The country is near Venezuela to its left. Georgetown is the capital of this small country.


Bangladesh is a poor-managed country that can be considered as a disaster in terms of population growth and political system. The air pollution in Dhaka is unbelievable, and you need to endure a lot of idiotic road conditions.


Afghanistan has some harsh economic and political conditions that you will hate as a traveler. Living in this country is almost impossible to live even for the locals, so you need to be careful when traveling to this nation. Kabul is a bad place to live.


Tuvalu is just 7 feet above the important see level, which means that the nation will be washed away within a couple of decades, according to some meteorological experts. Amenities and transportation area true nightmare here.


Syria has may political issues with many countries. So you might be better off avoiding this nation when you are just traveling overseas. You might also be banned from traveling to certain areas, which tends to be truly annoying for many travelers.

North Korea

North Korea is an enemy of America, so you are better off not going to this place. They will not be treated as you want if you are an American, but this might not happen inside a hotel where you will be paying for good behavior. This country has a disgust for the West that you need to recognize.


The problem with Brazil is its political system. It has a lot of problems with crime in its cities, and you need to be very aware of this fact.


This country is truly problematic for Americans. You are accustomed to living in peace and relative prosperity, but Venezuela is another matter. Sex trafficking here is incredible and crime is rampant.


Thailand is a problem for many travelers out there. You might love this nation`s beaches and culture. But the problem is that this country is full of crime, police corruption and violence today.

Now that you know more about which places you should avoid when traveling overseas, you have more reason to enjoy traveling. These nations have natural wonders, but you need to be careful about the crime rate and things like that. Venezuela and Brazil have high crime rate, and the same is true for Thailand. So you need to think about this as much as you can so you can avoid a lot of problems in the future.