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3 ways you can distance yourself from social media

Social media has practically become a staple in modern life. You’d be hard pressed to find someone who doesn’t have a Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter account. Facebook is expected to have around 1.69 BILLION users in 2020, while they also estimate that around 100 million people use Instagram per month. Although many people use social […]

How Professionals in Their 40’s and 50’s are Finding Life Partners

In modern society, dating is a regular part of the social hierarchy of finding the love of your life. Given that, the introduction of modern technology has created an influx of “quick hitting” dating apps and websites that aren’t helpful for people looking for long term relationships instead of short term flings. Nevertheless, one good […]

The Controversy Surrounding Alexa Being Used to Solve a Murder Case

Alexa is Amazon’s virtual personal assistant. Just like many other such as Appel’s Siri or Google Now. The number of companies that are implementing such service in their products is following an increasing tendency. The aim of these virtual assistants is to ease the customer’s life and help them find what they need faster. Put […]

5 Cool Gadgets To Make Home Living Funner

Everybody has different ways of blowing off steam and relaxing at home. Technology is taking life to another level of comfort and fun. These five gadgets will improve your life at home and give you more entertainment. Moon wall lamp Have you ever dreamt of falling asleep by the lights of the moon? You don’t […]

The Stance On Hunting In The 21st Century

For millennia, hunting has been the main source of nourishment for mankind. It is so well ingrained into our own consciousness that it is incredibly hard to shake off. Nevertheless, hunting in the 21st century has lost much of its previous importance and needs to be seen in a different light than before. Today’s hunting, […]

Best organic food products you should know about

Many people are aware that consuming organic food is good for their health. However, there is a wide variety of organic foods to choose from. Also it all up, the labeling terms such as high fiber, organic, and low fat makes it even more confusing. And to add to the confusion, some scientists advice that […]

Different Types of Health Diets in 2017

Health and fitness has increasingly come to the forefront in popular media and while different diets have been around for longer than we can keep track, each year ushers in newer trends and reinvents some old ones. For 2017 one of the classics that have resurfaced is the soup diet or ‘souping.’ This diet, as […]

What are 4 Fun Recipes in 2017?

If you would ask a foodie like me to explain the taste of my favorite recipe, I would end up in oblivion. A lot of ingredients would pass through my mind and I would still not be sure what taste I like the best. I would sit in silence and stare at the wall, lost […]

Places You Should Avoid When Traveling In 2017

Traveling around the world is an amazing and fantastic experience. This activity will expand your knowledge of the world and the way you think about reality. However, some countries are dangerous and you should avoid them at all cost. We will let you know right how which countries you should avoid. Somalia This country can […]

Four Fun Things To Do That Are Budget Friendly

If you think we need a lot of money to do fun things, you can think again. We do not have to wait until we have a certain amount of money to go and do something fun. We also do not have to wait until we are on our next vacation to do something fun. […]