5 Cool Gadgets To Make Home Living Funner

Everybody has different ways of blowing off steam and relaxing at home. Technology is taking life to another level of comfort and fun. These five gadgets will improve your life at home and give you more entertainment.

Moon wall lamp

Have you ever dreamt of falling asleep by the lights of the moon? You don’t need to sleep outdoors during cold nights. Moon wall lamp is a gadget that lets you enjoy appealing beauty of a moon hanging majestically on the wall of your bedroom. The glow is appealing for both adults and parents. Moon wall lamp has an authentically detailed 3-D lunar landscape. The lamp has lights that can be adjusted automatically or manually to reflect the different phases of the moon depending on what you enjoy.

USB heated slippers

Like any other person, I know you’re bothered by cold winters when sitting to watch your favorite TV programs or sited in front of a computer to complete a task. USB heated slippers are a solution for cold feet. The slippers are usually plugged into a USB port to produce heat. They are connected by a cord of about 65 inches long meaning your movement is limited. They also don’t use a battery. The
temperature in the slippers is usually warm and not hot. Therefore you don’t have to be worried about comfort. The slippers come in different sizes hence can be used by both children and adults.
Fire TV stick

No cable? No problem. With Fire TV stick you won’t miss any of your subscriptions including the old ones. Plug Fire TV stick into an HDTV and then connect it to a Wi-Fi connection and you will be set to begin streaming your favorite series. The device comes with Alexa-enabled remote therefore you don’t have to strain to change the show. When you want to be out to see a friend or traveling, carry the device along with you. All you need for operation is a Wi-Fi connection.

Echo-dot is an excellent addition to your living room. Its uses are a variety. In the bedroom, you can use it as a small alarm clock, so you are not worried about waking up late for work. In the kitchen, you can use the device to help you with your recipe or as a timer as you prepare timed meals. Additionally, echo timer can read a book to you as well as find out movie times. This gadget is good to keep your life in the house organized.

Amazon Echo

I had visited my friend when his Amazon Echo came. In a few minutes, he was instructing Alexa to play music and inquiring about the condition of the weather outside. The gadget is easy to use because you plug it in power, connect it to Bluetooth and you operate it by talking. Apart from playing music Alexa can; find you a good restaurant for dinner and order it for you if you don’t want to leave your room, update you about traffic before leaving the room, setting timers among other tasks.