The Stance On Hunting In The 21st Century

For millennia, hunting has been the main source of nourishment for mankind. It is so well ingrained into our own consciousness that it is incredibly hard to shake off. Nevertheless, hunting in the 21st century has lost much of its previous importance and needs to be seen in a different light than before.

Today’s hunting, at least the type we are all more familiar with, is done mainly for sports and entertainment purposes, rather than being the main source of food for the hunters, themselves. There are two other major forms of hunting practiced nowadays, both of which being full-fledged industries in and of themselves: poaching and fishing.

Their impact on a global scale is unprecedented and will lead to an eventual and accelerated disappearance of most animal species on Earth. In fact, over half of the world’s wildlife has disappeared just over the past four decades, and experts believe that, if this trend continues, that number can reach two-thirds by 2020.

These gloomy statistics aren’t the result of only hunting – with habitat loss, pollution, climate change, and wildlife trade being major contributors, as well. Poaching has, nevertheless, become rampant in a lot of parts of the world, mainly in Africa, South America, and South East Asia – with many of the species targeted seeing a steep drop in their populations.

Overfishing in the world’s oceans is another pressing issue that needs to be addressed. With the arrival of ever-more larger and technologically-advanced fishing vessels, the once seemingly inexhaustible oceans are expected to be completely devoid of commercially-viable fish by 2048. Many of the world’s fisheries have already collapsed under the strain of overfishing, and they are not expected to replenish themselves anytime soon; if ever. The annual fish capture around the world is of about 93.4 million tons, which is then further supplemented by aquaculture (fish farming), to make up for the 160-million-ton global consumption.

Sports hunting does not have the same tremendous impact as the other ones presented above, but it certainly doesn’t help the overall situation. Between 1970 and 2005, the number of large animals in protected areas has dropped by over 60 percent. Nevertheless, some avid trophy hunters make the argument that their hobby actually helps preserve these dwindling populations of animals. A single, two-week elephant hunting expedition can have a whopping $80,000 price tag attached to it – money which is then reinvested in preserving the overall population.

But the sad reality here is that this may be nothing more than just wishful thinking. With the prices being so high, trophy hunting has turned into a multi-billion dollar industry. This doesn’t require any stretch of the imagination to see just how dangerous this situation can become for the local wildlife. While there are regulations and quotas put in place, these are overseen by oftentimes shady and openly corrupt governments. The lack of transparency makes it difficult to ascertain the supposed benefits this business model has to offer – other than filling a few people’s pockets.

In the more developed parts of the world, trophy hunting isn’t as widespread and is much better regulated. Nevertheless, various degrees of corruption and lack of transparency exist even here.

In light of these overwhelming statistics, hunting in the 21st century is nothing more than a luxury for a certain few, to the detriment of the whole planet’s wellbeing. And even if the hunters end up eating the animals they hunt, it is important to remember that over 1.3 billion tons of food is being wasted every year – a statistic that makes even this argument invalid.

Best organic food products you should know about

Many people are aware that consuming organic food is good for their health. However, there is a wide variety of organic foods to choose from. Also it all up, the labeling terms such as high fiber, organic, and low fat makes it even more confusing.

And to add to the confusion, some scientists advice that organic food has much higher health benefits than conventionally grown food and others argue that it doesn’t make a difference. With all this information around, most people get confused and thus opt to go for any type of food without giving it much thought.To make your selection process of organic foods much easier, first, you need to understand what is organic food.

This is so you can be able to differentiate it from conventionally grown food. Crops are organic if it they are grown without GMOs, synthetic pesticides, or sludge or petroleum based fertilizers. Animal products are organic if the livestock is not fed on organic feeds, does not consume growth hormones and antibiotics.Having understood what is organic food, the other question that comes to your thoughts is, what are some of the best organic food products you should know about?

There is a wide variety of organic food products available in the market and they all have impressive labels that can be confusing. But how do you choose the best organic product for you to consume despite the many labels given to these foods?

This article aims at helping you, the consumer simplify your decision making when it comes to selecting organic food that is good for you. Eggs: Most people always assume that the eggs that have the label “free range” or “cage free” are organic and are much better than the eggs that come from hens that live in battery cages. But the truth is, there isn’t much difference between the two.

The cage free hens don’t stay in a cage but they stay in a warehouse and to increase their production they are kept under artificial light. So the eggs from the cage free hens isn’t any different from the battery cage hens. Thus, the best alternative is to go for eggs from pasture raised hens.

This is because the pasture raised hens spend most of the day feeding outside. These “pastured eggs” are more expensive than the other eggs but they are more healthier. Some pasture raised egg products that you can go for include:

Backyard eggs Happy Egg Co.Vital Farms Organic eggs

Meats: Many meat products that claim to be organic have the label “cage free” just like for the egg products. Although, being “cage free” does not necessarily mean that going for that meat product is a healthier choice. This is because the cage free livestock just like the cage free chicken is mainly factory farmed and their outdoor space is limited depending on the factory farmer.

So, just like the eggs, the best organic meats to go for are the ones that are labeled “pasture raised”. The “pasture raised” livestock is fed on natural feeds and has unlimited access to the outdoors thus the produce is fully organic.

Some pasture raised meat products that you can go for include; Bison Ranch Buffalo hat is grass fed Applewood smoked bacon Applegate meat products such as bacon, chicken strips, and sausages Coleman Natural chicken and pork.

Milk and Dairy products:

When it comes to these products, it’s also safe to go for those that have the label “pastured”. This means that the cows where the dairy produce came from were not confined to indoors, have not been fed on GMOs or hormones to increase production.

Some pastured milk products include:

Organic Valley Chocolate milk

Stonyfield Farm organic milk

Stonyfield Greek Yogurt with honey

So, next time you go grocery shopping, instead of taking too much time trying to analyse each organic produce and getting confused go for the simplified selection criteria by purchasing “pastured products”.

Different Types of Health Diets in 2017

Health and fitness has increasingly come to the forefront in popular media and while different diets have been around for longer than we can keep track, each year ushers in newer trends and reinvents some old ones.

For 2017 one of the classics that have resurfaced is the soup diet or ‘souping.’ This diet, as is apparent from its name ,does much what the juicing trend did some years ago. Souping combines essential plant based and meat nutrients and condenses them to soups which are both nourishing and filling. This diets appeal stems from the ease of meal prep it involves as well as the benefits of soup being filling and causing less cravings, coupled with how contrary to its juice counterpart it avoids sugar content. This cleansing detoxifying approach has been around for a while and souping is part of this trend. However while its general appeal holds an entirely soup based diet is not sustainable over time and has to be balanced with solid food.

Another popular diet is one that harks back to ancient times and is part of several religious traditions based on fasting. This ‘intermittent fasting diet’ sets up windows where you can eat and those when you fast. This is divided along the lines of sixteen fasting and eight non fasting hours or more generally into5 days of normal calorie consumption and 2 days of 500 calories at best, thus colloquially being refereed to as the 5:2 diet . What this diet aims to do is to train the body’s metabolism and serve as a detox simultaneously. What this does entail is that during the non fast periods the meals consumed be nutritionally balanced. The fasting approach is linked to popular lifestyle choices and to practices like yoga and if done properly can be enormously beneficial. However resorting to binging and being overly strict while following this can mean that an unhealthy relationship with food can develop, specially for those who have traditionally struggled with body dysmorphic disorder and the likes.

Yet another diet that still captures the popular imagination, in part because of its ardent follower and celebrity star Kim Kardashian is the Atkins diet. This is based on low carbohydrate consumption and while it surfaced in the early 2000s as a way of weight loss it is still big because of the quick results it offers. While sugars and carbohydrates are completely avoided , proteins and fats offer sustenance. Though nutritionists are heavily skeptical about its healthiness they can’t deny the quick results it delivers.

While several people are choosing to ascribe to lifestyle choices such as becoming vegans some diets exist simply to offer a middle way, such as the popular ‘flexitarian diet.’ This is tailor made for the needs of those who don’t necessarily want to cut meat out of their lives but want a mainly plant based diet, supplemented by protein that gives strength and energy. Such a diet is typical of ourtimes because it allows maximum flexibility and fewer restrictions in terms of foods that are completely eliminated. It strikes a balance between vegetable groups and meat, advocating moderation as all sustainable diets should.

What are 4 Fun Recipes in 2017?

If you would ask a foodie like me to explain the taste of my favorite recipe, I would end up in oblivion. A lot of ingredients would pass through my mind and I would still not be sure what taste I like the best. I would sit in silence and stare at the wall, lost and feeling ecstatic. If you have not been in such a state, you should try the following 4 recipes as soon as possible!

Cotton Candy Fudge

Cotton candy fudge is the kind of stuff that you do not eat when on diet, but can you stop yourself? I �do not’ think so. However, you can keep it a little low on carbs by reducing the amount of sugar you add to the recipe. Begin by spraying the non-stick solution on a foil and placing it in a container. Now, in a saucepan, combine sugar, butter, heavy cream and heat them on a low flame until sugar dissolves. Follow the generic recipe of a fudge and use marshmallow cream and sugar candy flavors to finish it. Focus on creating swirls and making enticing patterns.

Cheesy Egg Toast

Eggs are nutritious, delicious and easy to cook and therefore, any recipe that has an egg in it can be considered healthy. This one is no different, and best of all, it requires minimum effort and creativity. All you need to do is take a knife and scrape some amount of ‘bread’ from the ‘bread’ and then create a pan like structure. Now put it on the stove, break the eggs in the extracted part and let the heat do its job. Once the eggs are friend and golden, grate a lot of mozzarella on top of it. Let it melt for a while. Once done, eat with your favourite sauce. I prefer mint.

Cinnamon French Toast Bytes

I love them for three reasons: they are healthy, they are delicious and they are easy to cook. Take a piece of bread, remove the crumbs and slice the remaining bread into 9 equal parts. In a bowl, whisk 2 eggs, some milk and some salt. Put a spoon of butter in a pan and set the stove on medium flame. Now, toss the bread cubes in the egg mixture and before the butter turns brown put the pieces in the pan. Stir fry the pieces until they are brown on all sides. Once done, put the fried pieces in a mixture of cinnamon and sugar. Take them out and consume them with maple syrup.

Broccoli Cheese Bites

Let’s now focus for a while on health rather than the taste; and when we talk about health, putting Broccoli in a dish starts making a lot of sense. Chop down a flower of broccoli into a bowl. Add bread crumbs, three eggs, cheese and seasoning of your choice to the bowl. Mix everything together and create a rather thick batter. Make small patties from the batter with your hands and put them on a baking sheet. Bake in an oven at 375 degrees for next twenty minutes or more depending upon the size of patties. While you are waiting for your bites to be ready in the oven, prepare the next batch because you are going to fall in love with them.

Places You Should Avoid When Traveling In 2017

Traveling around the world is an amazing and fantastic experience. This activity will expand your knowledge of the world and the way you think about reality. However, some countries are dangerous and you should avoid them at all cost. We will let you know right how which countries you should avoid.


This country can be found in the famous Horn of Africa. You will have to endure a hot climate here almost all year long. This is not quite good for you if you think about the consequences of too many exposures to the sunlight.


Guyana can be found in South America but it is also included in the famous Caribbean Region. The country is near Venezuela to its left. Georgetown is the capital of this small country.


Bangladesh is a poor-managed country that can be considered as a disaster in terms of population growth and political system. The air pollution in Dhaka is unbelievable, and you need to endure a lot of idiotic road conditions.


Afghanistan has some harsh economic and political conditions that you will hate as a traveler. Living in this country is almost impossible to live even for the locals, so you need to be careful when traveling to this nation. Kabul is a bad place to live.


Tuvalu is just 7 feet above the important see level, which means that the nation will be washed away within a couple of decades, according to some meteorological experts. Amenities and transportation area true nightmare here.


Syria has may political issues with many countries. So you might be better off avoiding this nation when you are just traveling overseas. You might also be banned from traveling to certain areas, which tends to be truly annoying for many travelers.

North Korea

North Korea is an enemy of America, so you are better off not going to this place. They will not be treated as you want if you are an American, but this might not happen inside a hotel where you will be paying for good behavior. This country has a disgust for the West that you need to recognize.


The problem with Brazil is its political system. It has a lot of problems with crime in its cities, and you need to be very aware of this fact.


This country is truly problematic for Americans. You are accustomed to living in peace and relative prosperity, but Venezuela is another matter. Sex trafficking here is incredible and crime is rampant.


Thailand is a problem for many travelers out there. You might love this nation`s beaches and culture. But the problem is that this country is full of crime, police corruption and violence today.

Now that you know more about which places you should avoid when traveling overseas, you have more reason to enjoy traveling. These nations have natural wonders, but you need to be careful about the crime rate and things like that. Venezuela and Brazil have high crime rate, and the same is true for Thailand. So you need to think about this as much as you can so you can avoid a lot of problems in the future.

Four Fun Things To Do That Are Budget Friendly

If you think we need a lot of money to do fun things, you can think again. We do not have to wait until we have a certain amount of money to go and do something fun. We also do not have to wait until we are on our next vacation to do something fun. All you need is to get a little creative. From doing something outside, to giving back to your local community, to having fun with entertainment, we are sure that you will come up with something soon enough.

Below are four fun things to do that are budget friendly. We hope you find them inspiring.

1. Have Fun By Giving Back.

You will be surprised at just how fun it can be to give back to those in need. Try designing a digital product of some kind. Sell it, then give the money to a local charity or to someone who is doing hard up financially. Register with the RSPCA and become a dog walker for free. Not only would you be assisting the dog’s owner but you would be getting some good exercise too. Whilst you are at it, you can offer to assist with fundraising events, grooming and so on. Host a sing-a-long at your local hospital or dress up as a clown and visit the sick children. Hold a bake off with some friends or others you know then sell the food.

2. Have Fun With Entertainment.

You do not have to go to the cinema and fork out a lot of money for a movie and snacks. Instead, have a movie marathon at home. Snacks can be purchased cheaply from your local supermarket. DVD’s do not cost much to hire. Or ask your friends to bring a DVD or two that you may not have seen before. Search for some free street performances in your local city or town. You’ll be surprised at how many there are. Have a culture day by going to a local museum. Most museums are free of charge. Play some favorite music along the way. Host a karaoke night. Search for karaoke music on you tube. We can assure you there is a lot of it out there for free.

3. Create Some Fun Outside.

If the weather is suitable, why not go on a hike somewhere. Perhaps you have some woods nearby. Or a local river to walk around. Get some friends and kids together and host a scavenger hunt. This can be done by using technology. Go and fly a kite in a local park or at the beach. Begin a nature collection. Look for some interesting shells, rocks and other nature things that are worth collecting.

4. Have Some Fun With Food.

Getting bored of the food you are eating? Then consider swapping recipes with friends and family. You never know what you might discover. Make some biscuits, jams and other suitable food that can be given as gifts. Find a jar or box and decorate it before placing the food you have made inside of it. Hold a themed pot luck dinner. Perhaps you feel like Thai one night, then Indian another night.

These are just four fun things you can do that are budget friendly. It is not hard to get a little creative once you start coming up with ideas. We hope these ideas have helped you get started.

Tips to Take Health Supplements


If you think the more supplements you take, the better, you’re wrong. They should be made in a limited manner and under the supervision of a knowledgeable health care practitioner to avoid any issue.Individuals who are planning a weight loss program often wish to construct an exercise ritual in combination with a change in dietary habits.

Adding fitness supplements for the purpose of burning fat is often recommended by nutritional experts. The benefits of using enhanced vitamin, mineral and herbal formulas in conjunction with a physical workout routine can accelerate the process of eliminating fat depositories, while at the same time aid with the overall toning of the body.

You can opt for health supplements online shopping to avoid the hassle of visiting stores for buying. But before that, you require knowing the requirements of your body nutrients for the right intake of supplements. These supplements are mainly for those who cannot consume enough foods that supply an adequate number of nutrients. However, to enjoy the benefits and avoid any side effects, you need to take it the right way.

Tips to take health supplements.

1. Supplement drug interactions

In case you’re taking some medicines that are prescribed by your doctor, you should consult him/her before taking any health supplements. This is important to avoid any issue or side effects. For say, if you’re taking some blood thinner and you take ginger along with it, it will result in getting your blood too thin.

2. Too much calcium

When you doctor says that you need 1500 milligrams of calcium a day, it means that your total intake of calcium a day including foods should be 1500 milligrams. This doesn’t mean that only supplements should provide that amount of calcium to your body.

3. Loaded with unhealthy fillers

Some commercial brands of supplements may contain fillers that will be harmful to your body. Therefore, it is important that you peruse the ingredient label and the in particular other ingredients part. If you come across words such as sodium benzoate, butylated hydroxytoluene, etc. opt for another brand. It is better to go for health supplements online shopping to select the better from some options available.

4. Don’t take supplements 7 days a week

Give your body rest from supplements at least one day a week. It is better to get most of the body nutrients from whole foods.

5. Unrealistic expectations

If you expect to get an immediate result from the supplements, you may be disappointed as they are only a part of healthy eating and can help in the overall wellness. It will certainly take time.

Thus, these tips will help you take the health supplements in the right way, thereby avoiding any complications. Health supplements online shopping has made it easier for you to get the supplements at your doorstep.

Most stores offer high discounts while purchasing the supplements for lowering expenses. In addition to that, they provide free shipping to customers for receiving them at the doorsteps by addressing essential requirements.

It is necessary to follow the instructions when buying mass gainer supplements and other products online.

Supplements make possible ways for improving health conditions to undergo significant changes in life.

At the same time, it is the imperative one to consult with a physician or health care professional when purchasing them. This, in turn, gives ways for overcoming complex issues and side effects to get long term results.

Another important point is that one must take them with a combination of adequate exercises for muscle toning and weight loss procedure to live a better life for longtime.

Why Positive Thinking is the Best Method To Losing Weight

Each year we spend large sums of money on gym subscriptions and doctor consultations, nutritionists, and every time we end up following a very complex diet. The stems not from how complex our diet is or how often we visit the gym, but in how we think. Pretty surprising, right?

The initial step you can take in your journey in losing weight is to select a simple and efficient diet, still enjoying your chocolate, like the one provided by Isagenix Australia. They have a wide range of solutions which can be easily suitable for your lifestyle and personality.

For example, if you have had an unbalanced diet and has now been suggested by your health professional for you to loose weight, the 30 Day System will help you shed extra pounds and produce muscle mass while you regain your vitality. This weight reduction pack from Isagenix Australia offers a long-term, flexible program that is easy to follow and stick to. The 242+ vitamin infused formulated as Isalean Shakes included in this program will help you regain your health, give you a necessary energy boost and normalize your digestion improving assimilation of food.The next thing is to consider the uninterrupted communication in between your mind and body, and the mind is the most significant of the two because it’s the engine of your attitude.

If you adopt these measures, you’ll be able to maintain your weight at a constant level or lose some additional pounds/kilos if needed without loosing vital nutrition.Consider the way you look and how you feel when you finally reach your ultimate goal. Take a photo both before and after! Before you go to sleep in the evening and after you wake up each and every morning, you can remember how you looked three months ago and then try to imagine yourself six months from now. Creating strong and positive emotions may help you maintain hope that you’ll reach your goal. Celebrate your success with a new dress or pant.Take note of your proposed goal and how you act once you reach it. For example: “I want to lose 12 kg, I will maintain a balanced diet”. Say it out loud at least two times a day.

Identify your emotions and behaviors that kept you from reaching your goals before. Make a list of the things that “helped” you gain weight: an excessive amount of cake and coffee, too much wine (they are full of carbs!) too much fast-food, etc.
Keep a food diary. Note down absolutely everything you eat daily. Being aware what you eat is an important step in achieving your weight loss goals. Hang out with people with similar goals. The people you spend time with will directly affect your attitude.

Follow two simple rules for eating: eat when your body needs it and pick foods of the highest quality. Don’t restrain yourself from any food, by doing this; you’ll reduce cravings.One more thing you can do is start snaking but in a good way. Ditch the chips and choose Whey Thins from Isagenix Australia, delicious protein packed crackers that support weight loss. Or, enjoy an IsaDelight Plus, a guilt-free chocolate that satisfies sugar craving at the deepest level. SlimCakes, Fiber Snacks – Peanut chocolate chew, are yet another excellent way to cut cravings and snack in a healthy way to support your digestive health.
The best way to drop some weight in a healthy way is to keep a balance between your diet, workouts, consumption of fluids and an essential thing, your mind.

Kitchen Renovation Tips Before Taking That Plunge

kitchen renovations

Planning to get your kitchen renovated? You may want to explore and find out what are the most popular and trending kitchen décor ideas and use them to create the kitchen of your dreams. Staying relevant to trends is essential to stay ahead of the game and ensure that the aesthetics of your new kitchen is a definite head turner. The overall enhancement of your kitchen is full of possibilities, and you may tend to get overloaded with a lot of tempting ideas, resulting in a dilemma. Whether you are starting from scratch or have an existing layout to work from, it is always useful to keep in mind the tips below. Use them as a benchmark on how you want your kitchen to look and you should not go wrong!

Catch the attention of your guests with a beautiful countertop.

You choose to build your new countertop with granite, quartz, marble, ceramic, soapstone, or even stainless steel! Depending on the main theme of your remodeled kitchen, choose one that can blend well into its design or even choose one that distinguishes itself as the main centerpiece or as an accent to your existing colors. If you are feeling adventurous, you may choose to use glass as your countertop material for that uncommon look that is unique to complement your personality!

Should you paint or stain your kitchen cabinets?

If your ideas are pretty spontaneous, go for something that is not too permanent and can be easily altered in the future. If you plan to paint your kitchen cabinets and change it with a new coat some time later, you only need to clean and sand it, then apply a single coat of solvent based primer with two coats of enamel, and the new layer of paint is ready to go on it. However, if you choose to stain it, the existing finish has to be completely removed before the surface accepts a new layer of stain (which could take a lot of time and effort). Choose wisely, and choose one that fits your lifestyle and habits.

Use quality materials.

It is important that you go for products of the finest quality. If you are having trouble with that, consult with your contractor and lay down the details that is necessary for them to help you choose something that is relevant and suits your lifestyle and needs. It is ideal that you manage to strike a balance between functionality and style, to determine how they look and how they will stand up to daily use. For example, go for cabinets that are made out of red oak to suit a traditional style kitchen. They are not very expensive to start with, as well as its strength and durability.

Use basic appliances.

Instead of getting only the latest appliances and gadgets (that you may not need), consider sticking with a few that are considered as reliable basics. Sometimes, the separation of your oven tops and cook tops are not necessary, and they may take up more space than expected. Instead, a commercial quality and stainless steel range of your kitchen hardware, will do the trick. Design accents do not need to be exaggerated to stand out, ensure that it complements well with the rest of your home’s design.

How Pets Change the Life of The Owner

Pets change the way their owners live their lives. Having a pet creates significant changes in the lifestyle of the person taking care and protecting any domesticated animal. Domestics require certain regular acts and undertakings that responsible pet owners should do to keep their domestics healthy and happy in all the days of their life.

Since these pets are no ordinary animals, their owners or stewards are called to attend to their needs and welfare responsibly. Among these things that pet owners should know is to understand the behavior and nature of their pet primarily. Having a working knowledge of how these animals live a normal life, the owner should then find the various ways and means to make sure that these domestics feel comfortable and live a normal animal life while under the auspices, protection, and proper care of their owners.

Making the pets feel comfortable not only with the quiet place but also with the person who lives with it requires some effort on the part of the owner. This effort may require some changes in the lifestyle of the person to give way to the needs and welfare of the pet at home. One may find it necessary to save more to buy nutritious commercial pet foods that are specifically prepared for the animal that the person has at home.

This additional cost that requires one to save more creates alterations in the lifestyle of the person, especially regarding spending habits. There would certainly be some extra expenses that should be removed from the list. Another factor that would be changed would be your time management.

Every type of pet wants some quality time with their owners, and the feeling is mutual between them. Thus, those given the pleasure and privilege to take care of an animal life must not just provide these domestics with material and objective welfare but they should also share their precious time with their pets.

As such, pet owners have to manage their time in a way that they have enough left for their bonding moments with the pets. This bonding moment is important to train and tame these domestics and make them live in harmony and comfortable with the humans around them.

Pets do change the life and lifestyle of their owners. These changes are manifest primarily in the financial and time aspects of the person. His or her time and money would be further subdivided including those that are intended for their pets. Time and money are not only those that pet owners have to change to give their domestic animals a happy and long life with them, but they should also make themselves more amiable with animals especially those that are domesticated at their homes.

Indeed, things in the house itself must change to allow for a more pet-friendly environment where the domesticated animals can freely roam and enjoy the premises like they naturally do in the wild. In this way, they still feel the attachment to their true nature of being animals.